The Northern Max Accelerator programme is returning in early 2023, providing a springboard for young, ambitious businesses that aspire to dynamic growth. Now in its 6th year, Northern Max Accelerator offers the optimal business support blend of mentoring, peer support and funding prospects. The scheme is also dedicated to providing great opportunities to strengthen essential business skills. We sat down with Marketing and Communications manager, Daneile Moore from Leeds City Council (AD:VENTURE) to find out more about this hugely popular support programme.

Daneile, can you explain the Northern Max Accelerator programme?

This is a fantastic opportunity for businesses in the Leeds City Region, with a particular focus on Bradford based start-ups. Over a 10-week period, our participants will benefit from in-depth training, support, and access to funding. We know that a business with strong roots will become ready for expansion and remain resilient in the face of future challenges. So this is a chance for us to work closely with a cohort of ambitious individuals, giving them training on finance and recruitment, plus an understanding of their value and importance of their customer profile. It’s an intensive 10-week period of development and growth. There’s really nothing else like this for businesses in our region.

Can any type of business apply?

We would love to hear from young, digital and technology-focused businesses – this covers a range of different industries! In many ways, this diversity is what makes the programme so great, because we assemble a dynamic group of people that will really add value to the conversations in the room and look to support one another. We ask that the business works predominantly B2B and is within the first 3 years of trading.

What kind of peer support can the applicants expect?

We often find that the peer support aspect of this programme generates the best feedback. It’s all about forming a group of professional peers that comes together to discuss the workshops, offering advice and supporting one another through challenges they may encounter as young businesses. It’s not unusual for delegates to look to recruit for the very first time while on Northern Max. Others will be at the crucial stage of preparing their business for investment. These are exciting but nerve-wracking times! The workshops that the 10×10 model offers delve into all the vital textbook stuff businesses need to know – but it’s the conversations that happen in the room that really give the group a chance to unpick and learn from each other. It’s fantastic to see.

So, as the programme is now in its 6th – it must be doing something right?

Absolutely! We’re really lucky to have the chance to run this programme again. The team at Greenborough are marvellous at understanding the businesses, what they need in workshops and identifying the right kind of mentors for the individuals.

What do the workshops cover?

You can expect to create a business plan, set goals, understand your audience and your route to market, consider future business growth strategies – and more! This is absolutely something that will stay with you for years to come, so it’s invaluable. Everything comes together when the delegates deliver their live pitch in the final event. This is when we get to see what the delegates have learned over the 10-week programme, and how they’re applying it to their own unique business requirements.

Is there support available for businesses after the programme?

AD:VENTURE supports new businesses for up to 3 years, so the journey certainly doesn’t stop when the 10 weeks end. We ensure that access to grants, funding and further workshops are all open to Northern Max delegates. The mentors assigned in the programme are also there to provide long term support, if needed. The best thing though, has to be the peer support and the friendships that form in the room. This sense of being part of a close-knit business community stays with the group. We hope that these delegates will continue to support each other through the challenges of growth, as they develop their businesses in tandem.


You can learn more about the Northern Max Accelerator programme and register your interest, here –