10x10 Expert Facilitators



Our programmes are always unique, because we tailor our material and support to the specific needs of the cohort.

This is an evidence-based process, developed from our understanding of each  business’s requirements.


Therefore our choice of Facilitators (we don’t use the word “trainer”) is also unique, and bespoke to each programme delivered.


We’re proud to call the following experienced business practitioners our “Facilitators”. They are committed to helping businesses develop and achieve their goals, with a comprehensive tool kit of industry experience and knowledge.


Your Team Of Expert Facilitators

stuart Hartley - 10x10 Facilitator

Stuart Hartley

The Business Model

Stuart is dedicated to helping businesses achieve greater levels of productivity through innovation. He has worked with many startups, and be kick-starting the programme with a powerful and practical session on ‘The Business Model’.

Andrew Bailey 10x10 Facilitator

Andrew Bailey

Goal Setting

Extensive experience in helping businesses and individuals achieve revenue and profit growth  places Andrew at the helm of our ‘Goal Setting’ session, sharing specialist insights on strategy, marketing, pricing and commercial management. 

stuart Hartley - 10x10 Facilitator

Sara Scott

Route To Market

Sara is a marketing professional with 20 years’ hands-on branding and marketing experience. She began her career as a copywriter, rising to become the Director of a highly successful northern marketing agency. Sara has worked extensively on consumer and B2B branding projects, running her own consultancy business for 12 years.

Andrew Bailey 10x10 Facilitator

Alison Bull

Profiling The Customer

Alison is a seasoned Market Research Professional with 15 years of top-tier experience. Previous roles with London media owners (ITV, CNBC), media agencies and market research agencies led to a career as an  independent consultant. Alison’s key  expertise lies in helping businesses inform strategic direction and unlock potential through business intelligence.

stuart Hartley - 10x10 Facilitator

Annabelle Beckwith

Partnerships & Collaborations

Annabelle has almost twenty years experience training and coaching leaders in multinational corporates as well as working with entrepeneurs and business owners to review and develop strategy, and to built the skills and capabilities to ensure that the strategy is delivered.

Andrew Bailey 10x10 Facilitator

Paula Finch

People & Resources

Paula is an award winning business woman who likes to buck the trend and do things differently in ways that create results. She runs a number of successful businesses as well as supporting business owners to drive business growth for over 25 years. Paula leads our ‘People and Resources’ session within the programme.

stuart Hartley - 10x10 Facilitator

Simon Jones

The Business Plan

Simon has over 20 years of experience in Management Consultancy profession – in addition to reading Economics, acquiring a Healthcare Management MBA, and briefly working in banking. Simon is leading our session on ‘The Business Plan’.

Russell Copley - 10x10 Business Services - Managing Director

Russell Copley

Funding & Growth

Russell is not only heavily involved in the running of the 10×10 Programme; he also shares his experience and knowledge directly with the cohort, as Facilitator of the ‘Funding and Growth’ session and leader of ‘Pitch Training’.

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